Feeling Out of Place: Episode -019

Explicit Feeling Out of Place: Episode -019

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Have you ever gone somewhere and felt like you possibly didn't fit in with the crowd? Like going to basketball tryouts and realizing that you're not as athletic as you thought you were. Or how about showing up to a work party in business attire when everyone else is wearing shorts and tank tops? Or how about being the only dance in a family of enthusiastic sports fans. Yikes! Well, sometimes feeling out of place is as simple as not wearing the right attire. Then there are times when you ... See More


  1. 00:02
  2. 01:55
    Confessions Intro
  3. 02:09
    Get The Club Hype
  4. 05:41
    Aaron Harris - When I Pray (Instrumental)
  5. 09:36
    When It's Over (Instrumental)
  6. 13:56
  7. 18:44
    Hands On - I'll Run For You (Radio)
  8. 22:17
  9. 25:38
  10. 32:39
    Get The Club Hype

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